Another week

Crosscountry to the wide open spaces of Norfolk a week ago for a Quilters Guild day to talk about the Tentmakers of Cairo in the morning and conduct an informal quilt “surgery” in the afternoon.  Region 9 of the Guild has a lot of activities, exhibitions and special days organised – a very busy region.  I always enjoy giving the Tentmakers talk as it gives me a chance to share my love of the country, the city and the craft.

For the afternoon I had been asked if I would discuss quilting possibilities to answer “How do I quilt it? What do I quilt?” quandaries, so lots of ladies were generous enough to bring in quilt tops that were waiting for just these answers and we had a good time chatting through ideas and suggestions around the tables.  During the day I had a chance to catch up with Liz Nally, one of the Brave Volunteers earlier this year.  Liz had brought a couple of her quilts to show me – made from The Essential Quilter Project Book – don’t they look great?

I had to get home in good time – Shirley Sherratt was due to inspect my progress on the Secret Drawer project the following day.  Of course, inspection can work two ways, so Shirley was able to check out my new storage arrangements and some of the Antique Rose star project

and I got to see one of her almost finished projects

and a glimpse of one of her current projects

as well as a third project which has used up a lot of ingenuity and VERY small pieces of fabric –

Shirley gets lots done because a. she is a speedy hand stitcher and b. she is highly organised as her travelling sewing box will show

My take-along pouch looks more like this, most of the time –

Kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it??

At some point during the week (I think it was Norfolk) I found myself with some time to scribble and doodle in a notebook.  Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not so good and I’m not sure yet how these will turn out.  It’s quite some time, at least a year, since I put a pattern book together or sent any new designs to the stencil company (Stensource /Quilting Creations) and I think I should try to put a sketchbook into the Secret Drawer so that I make time to doodle on a more regular basis and be more productive on this front.  See if you think there’s anything that might be useful –

It’s been a fairly busy week – evening classes and a Saturday class as part of the growing Chris & Barbara Empire, plus a teaching visit to one of my favourite destinations, The Bramble Patch in Northampton.  No pictures from this class, we were far too busy getting to grips with hand quilting, but I am hoping to see some of the finished samples eventually …

Time to go and drink tea and survey the contents of that drawer ….

5 thoughts on “Another week”

  1. I am a new quilter and I love your blog. I have been inspired to try a strip quilt from your essential quilter project book. I think I would like to do it in oakshot fabric and intend to purchase it at the Malvern quilt show if they are there! Thank you for such lovely ideas,

  2. I really like Liz’ Sanderson Star – this pattern always intrigued me a lot. Hopefully I find the time to start one in the next years – I will convert the design into a wholecloth and hope it will turn out fine.

  3. I love to read your posts and am always impressed by how much you fit in, and encouraged to keep going with my little efforts 🙂 And would love to hear you talk about the Tentmakers of Cairo … maybe you’ll be invited oop North sometime! Thanks!

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