Just stuff …

At sea amidst stuff to pack for a quick trip to Quilt Market in Houston, stuff to finish for classes after Quilt Market, lots of paper stuff that might turn out to be patterns, and domestic stuff that needs to be taken care of before swanning off to warmer climes.  It all comes down to stuff and luggage in the end!   Despite the excess of stuff of all types and from all directions, I can report that my Secret Drawer/Stealing Time project is working quite well – the Antique Rose Star pieces are stacking up in their box and the drawer is now filled to a satisfactory level –

For anyone who has been bitten by the Antique Rose Star bug the indefatigable Shirley over at Stitcherydo has turned up a real treasure for you!  – it’s a phone app, but far too good for that and she is brimming with ideas to develop into cloth and stitch.  Do take a look ….


There was a little bit of time this week to mess around put some more lines on paper –

and have fun with mirrors

Still on the theme of “I wish I could” I really wish I could make descriptive lines like The Quilt Rat – if you don’t already follow her blog I can highly recommend it, masses of inspiration and fabulous lines of ink and stitch.  In the meantime I shall just potter on with my low-tech pencil and mirrors…

I was re-acquainted with one of my smaller vintage quilts yesterday – ok, it had been pushed to the back of various samples and been overlooked – and took a couple of pictures with a view to making a pattern.  The border, corners and background grid will be pretty straightforward, but the centre is proving a little more difficult to capture –

And there will be plenty of airplane time this next week that I can use to work on more scribbles and doodles, make plans and dream of Gibson guitars.  Happy stitching!

7 thoughts on “Just stuff …”

  1. I really want to see you this week! I have been trying to find the antique rose star template–hoping someone will have it in Houston. I’ll be in the education office, 340AB. Safe travels!

  2. Life is certainly hectic for you but you will be able to take a breath when you are on that plane so have a great time in Houston. I just love the vintage quilt pattern. Take care.

  3. I am struggling to draw a suitable border for Mountain Trails despite the wealth of patterns from your collection. Need more practice of just doing rather than dreaming. Have a great time at Houston and I shall look forward to you report. The pics all look like good stuff.

  4. Hi Barbara
    Yes it really is stuff and luggage in the end. I find all the time leading up to packing and actually leaving the house so stressful. I am fine now, watching football on TV in my Heathrow hotel prior to flying to Houston tomorrow morning. See you there pal.

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