I wonder if

we could cancel winter please?  It hasn’t even started yet, lots of autumn colours still to enjoy, but coming home from Houston (blue skies, sun, mid 70s) to grey skies, fog and cold doesn’t guarantee the best of spirits.  Here in deepest middle England everyone in our tiny village is working through the same list – garden tidying, ordering logs and fuel, plumbing and heating checked, chimneys swept, supplies of all sorts of things ordered, collected and stored, cupboards emptied, cleaned and re-filled, curtains and carpets cleaned.  Getting ready for winter is serious stuff around here.   All of this activity is based on experience as we seem to have more than our fair share of unexplained, and often lengthy, power outages, we have had flooding, we are in a frost pocket and have plenty of icy lanes to contend with, we have been snowed in for several days at a time – well, you get the picture.  And you can probably guess that I don’t care for winter much, being more of a sun and desert person at heart.  But, this year winter might be  a little more positive – there is that recently-filled drawer and my Secret Stitching projects to help me through.  So far, The Drawer has been a huge success.  It has been opened and shut on a daily basis and stitching has been done and returned.   It doesn’t look much different to your last view of it

but those Antique Rose Star blocks in there are coming along quite well.  My original plan was to cut and piece 7 blocks but they are such fun to do that now I’ve extended my ambition to at least double that number.  So I’ll just keep marking and cutting my way through fabric for a while longer.  Here’s the first 3 blocks laid out with stitching to finish –

The Houston trip was shorter than usual and a very busy whirl, but everything went well.  The travel was easy (no superstorm problems for me thank goodness) the company was good, lots of friends to catch up with, lots of ideas and opportunities to think about, lots of quilts to look at.  Quilting heaven!

Here’s just one quilt from the many hundreds on display at International Quilt Festival  this year.  As you will see, it’s a group quilt, cleverly done and a favourite subject of mine –

Other than the general pre-winter jobs I’ve already mentioned, there has been plenty to do – lots of planning and diary work for 2013,  finishing the series of evening and Saturday classes that I do as one half of Chris&Barbara (we’re even on Facebook now so feel free to hop over and hit the Like button) and a couple of days at a lovely local quilt and craft show.  Preparation for the local group’s December meeting also needs to be done – there’s fabric to cut,

– bags to fill, food to plan, newsletter copy written etc.  Plus chunks of time have been devoted to an important new acquisition

– so the guitar situation here is now electric and acoustic.  And yes, I do have quality instruments well ahead of my abilities but it’s a lot of fun all the same.  I’ve even been invited to the Saturday jam sessions at the local guitar/music shop, but I think that has more to do with the guitar itself and their envy!

Happy stitching!

3 thoughts on “I wonder if”

  1. You too have been most busy stitching your Rose Star blocks. If you are planning to do a similar project with your geetar then I would like the bottom left hand corner!!! I am sure you play well enough or the gang still wouldn’t invite you no matter how good the guitar.

  2. I will do a deal with you – if you can cancel winter then we can cancel our very hot and humid summer which often includes a cyclone. We also have power outages, floods and well you get the picture!! I really love your Rose Star blocks and I would find it hard to stop after only a few of these. It sounds like you had a good trip to Houston. Take care.

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