Continuing vintage

Home from the chilly MidWest and shortly to depart for the rather warmer Land of Sand aka Cairo.  There’s just enough time to show you some more of the lovely fabrics from the bargain quilt top acquired last month –





Those loose threads you can see are the tacking threads which have been cut but not pulled out.  Look how thick the thread is!  I would say that the stitching of the hexagons is mostly the work of one person but some of the patches have possibly been inserted/replaced and stitched by a second person, for instance these blue patches



The first border is large half square triangles, sewn with running stitch



and you’ll notice, on the left, a line of machine stitching (looks like the stitch made by a fairly early machine) and also some whipstitching.  So all methods are included in this one piece!  It wasn’t until I laid the top out on the floor to take a flatshot that I realised what I had got – probably one third of a larger top which has been cut up/down/divided for whatever reason by anonymous hands.

quilt top

So there it is – fabrics ranging from 1850s to 1890s, never promoted to be a quilt or finished coverlet, hand and machine stitching, and a completely unplanned addition to The Cupboard upstairs.  Long time readers may recall that I once vowed not to increase the number of quilts in The Cupboard and I was even doing quite well with making plans to reduce the contents until this came along.   Plans have been temporarily put aside, because good luck and good things often arrive in pairs – as you can see from todays vintage bargain

Turkey Red strippy quilt


Turkey Red strippy


This quilt has only been in the house for a few hours, hasn’t made it as far as The Cupboard yet.  I need to take measurements, more pictures and just generally enjoy it for a while.

One of the topics under discussion during my MidWest trip was tiles as a source of quilting inspiration.  Rummaged through the bookshelves,  found relevant books, took some very rough pictures to send back and thought you might enjoy a taster –

medieval tile pattern


medieval tile pattern


medieval tile pattern


Now my mind is racing with all sorts of possibilities, and, after a week in Cairo it will be even worse!  Several classes to teach and the can’t-miss-it visit to the Street of the Tentmakers will deliver their own special inspirations.  I’ll sign off with a detail of one of my favourite Tentmaker pieces (and yes, it is in The Cupboard!) ….

Tentmaker applique detail



4 thoughts on “Continuing vintage”

  1. A couple of treasures for the tardis and I shall look forward to a close inspection at some point. Have a great time in the sun. Please bring some sunshine back with you as well as lots of inspiration.

  2. Your latest finds are absolutely droolworthy! Will you quilt the hexagons? I hope you are having a wonderful time in Cairo:) All the best, Una

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