Tentmaker applique – alert

Just putting the final things together to leave for Cairo with enough time to post an important link and appeal ….

For more than a decade I have had the privilege of visiting the Street of the Tentmakers  in Cairo then returning home to teach classes and promote their work and its history in lectures and talks.  You can imagine that an important textile tradition that is heavily dependent on tourism has taken a huge blow since the events of two years ago.  As a result, the skills and traditions of this profession may disappear within our lifetime – a chilling thought.  This year, there is a glimmer of hope – Australian film-maker Kim Beamish is gathering information and financial support for a documentary film about the Street, the Tentmakers themselves, their influence and importance.  You can find more information about the project, and how you can help, wherever you are, at  http://pozible.com  or http://www.chareh-elkhiamiah.com/

Here are just a few random pictures for flavour –


traditional Tentmaker hanging







This really is a situation where every little helps – I plan on contributing by buying and also by supporting the fundraising for the film, and will report back on my return.

7 thoughts on “Tentmaker applique – alert”

  1. Hi Barbara, I have been trying to buy some Tentmaker Applique but there is only 1 place on Ebay and that is in England. You should convince the makers to sell on Ebay too. Regards Sharron

  2. I saw some of these at the Festival of Quilts a while back, to say they are amazing is putting it mildly, the chap sat and gave me a personal demosnstration of how they do it. So quick, he was lovely. The language thing didn;t matter we made each other understand, They were just wonderful, the coloursa they use, everything about them just amazing. Have a great trip.

  3. have a wonderful trip Barbara, I have very fond memories of the trip I did with you in 2009 – Egypt was a fantastic experience and the Street of the Tentmakers the highlight. It would be very sad to see all that skill lost

  4. I know this is an old post, but I am going to land in Cairo a month from today, and though I am part of a tour, the first afternoon is “free time” in the city. The street of the tentmaker is straight east of my hotel, so I’m hoping to get there. I ordered three pieces off of their Etsy shop this morning. It looks like they have a warehouse here in the USA that ships the pieces and this avoids the duties I would have to pay if I bought and brought the same pieces on the plane with me. I am so excited to see these men work in person.

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