Catching up #2 – vintage quilt #1

There’s time this weekend to post a set of pictures of one of my recent quilt acquisitions.  Having said “No more quilts, have to pare down, sell off” etc etc at the end of last year, of course it was inevitable that several quilts threw themselves in my path and insisted that they accompany me home to join others in The Cupboard.

The quilt shown below was bought recently at a local antiques fair, no provenance or helpful information but I think it was a pretty good find.  Just one printed fabric, which is now very fragile and damaged by mordant, thin cotton batting, fabulous fine stitching, narrow binding, overall measurement 90″ x 100″ approx.  The fabric is much-faded as well as damaged but if you look closely at some of the detail pics I think you’ll agree that it might have originally been a red ground with yellow and green print.  All hand pieced and hand quilted.  Date? – you can probably resolve that for yourselves but my guesstimate would put it 1850 -1860 ish, probably but not definitely US origin.  The quilting is particularly interesting as each spacer block has a different design and the designs are closely related to embroidery designs.  I have a quilt already in The Cupboard which is of similar date and has the same style of designs, again each one different, in the spacer blocks, so obviously it made sense to bring it home!  Enjoy the pictures –

red and white Sawtooth Star

Sawtooth Star block

mordant damage detail

not quite enough fabric - pieced detail

quilting design

a little mending on the back

quilting design 3

binding detail

damaged fabric

quilting design 4

red Sawtooth Star quilt

5 thoughts on “Catching up #2 – vintage quilt #1”

  1. Super looking quilt Barbara.I love that red print. Have you ever seen that one reproduced? Glad you are back to showing some more from your collection, old friends or new acquisitions. Lovely!

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