Catching up #4 – vintage quilt #3

Hope you’re managing to work your way around the numbering system!  Here comes the third “new” vintage quilt that is now residing in The Cupboard.  Vital statistics and information as follows – originally acquired in the US (not by me), measures 80″ x 92 ” (approx), hand pieced, machine quilted, very thin wadding,  all fabrics are in virtually mint condition and colour.  Backing fabric unwashed, “sizing” or “dressing” still visible and evident.  I must admit to a particular fondness for the Sawtooth Star block – I used it for a yet-to-be-finished hand piecing project (just 48 of them sat in the Secret Drawer waiting to find their place in life)

Sawtooth Star blocks

and a charming blue and white quilt top of possibly similar/ later date is already in The Cupboard

blue & white quilt top

so, when this particular beauty was waved under my nose in February, you can understand why I felt obliged to  justified in acquiring it.  And, besides, one of the prints is the original of one of my choices for the Antique Rose Star project that’s still under way (more on that progress in another post).

Sawtooth Star quilt

quilt detail

quilt detail

Sawtooth Star block

Sawtooth Star block

corner block

chrome yellow at the centre

pieced fabric makes the block

fabric detail

So, three quilts down, at least three more to go before the catch up is complete!

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