Catching up #5 – vintage quilt #4

As the title suggests, this is the fourth vintage quilt that has sought me out  been acquired this year.  It’s completely different to the others  in age and style being predominantly classic and typical 1930s fabrics (which, I would have to admit, are not my first love).  Based on an octagon and square construction, the individual star blocks are real charmers – all hand pieced too! – and only measure 5 1/2inches across.  The quilt measures 72inches x 82inches approx.  Obviously made by someone who LOVED piecing.  One or two older and faded shirtings have been included, proving that scrapbags were not always limited to a particular year or even decade.  Regular weight cotton batting and simple quilting, with a delightful single cable pattern in the final narrow border.  Bought from a general antiques dealer, so no information whatsoever,  but some interesting permanent laundry marks in two corners.  A little inner voice is suggesting to me that this may have come to the UK as one of  the WWII Red Cross Quilts relief programme… who knows? It’s possible.  Or it may have travelled across the Atlantic through family connections.  What suggests US origins to me is the hand piecing done without papers – rather more likely to have been done over papers if it had been made in the UK I feel. But of course, you can never be entirely sure – feel free to add your thoughts.  Hope you enjoy it all the same.

Thirties Stars quilt

Thirties Stars

Thirties Stars - detail

Thirties Stars - detail

Thirties Stars - scale

Thirties Stars - block

Thirties Stars - block

Thirties Stars - border quilting

Thirties Star - laundry marking

9 thoughts on “Catching up #5 – vintage quilt #4”

  1. Funny I am beginning to like these 30’s quilts more and more and love them when they have been washed and washed. Such a nice pattern and certainly looks American to me.
    Thanks for sharing quilts in the cupboard I’m enjoying seeing them.

  2. I love this block which is No 3805 in my Brackman and the quilt certainly does suggest American. I didn’t touch 30s fabrics until commissioned to do so and they have started to grow on me particularly when used in such a lovely quilt as this. Take care.

  3. I love this quilt! But, 30’s are my favorite — perhaps because they remind me of my grandmother’s quilts.

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