Catching up #6 – vintage quilt #5

The numbers might eventually get too much for me but we are almost at the end of the recently-acquired vintage quilts – this one arrived in December and did (I think) get a brief mention earlier.  I’m really pleased with this one as I’m very fond of strippy quilts, and red and white is also a favourite combination.  Measurements are 100 x 96 inches.  Turkey Red and white twill fabrics, cotton wadding, in good condition throughout.  The patterns are very simple but it packs a lot of charm.  As with every quilt, it’s all in the detail – a whipstitched edge rather than a knife edge, a goosewing motif sneaking in to fill space, alternating filler within the main lines of the cable … and the small triangles are handpieced too! Quite a contrast to the other quilts I’ve shown, but there are other strippies in The Cupboard to keep it company.  Maybe I should fetch those out for an airing too? ….

red & white strippy

strippy detail

strippy quilt detail

quilting detail

goose wing motif



edge detail

hand piecing detail

11 thoughts on “Catching up #6 – vintage quilt #5”

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen a quilt bound in this way before. Thanks for giving us a good, detailed look at this quilt. Shows that there are no cookie-cutter quilts traditionally!

  2. I love this quilt! Where did you ‘find’ such a gem – or is it one of those that jumped into the cupboard?! Yes please, it would be lovely to see some of the other strippies in the cupboard.

  3. I really like Strippy quilts and this one is no exception. The edge treatment looks like a knife edge… I would also love to see some more strippies!

  4. Lovely Strippy quilt Barb. Better watch out Joanna Rose might want that one for her red and white collection. It would be a worthy one to have hung in the Ifinite Variety Exhibition in NYC.

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