Catching up #7 – vintage wholecloth quilt

Maybe it’s lucky seven!  Here’s the last of the vintage quilts that are now resident in The Cupboard.  “Just” a small wholecloth , measuring 80 x 84 inches, good quality stitching, cotton fabric, thin cotton batting, the usual knife-edge finish (but not whipstitched like the strippy in the previous post),  North East style motifs and design layout, date I’m still considering.  Again no background information available at the point of purchase.  “Found” in exceptionally clean condition, folded at the bottom of a pile of sheets on a general textiles stall at an antiques fair (for those of you who need to know….!) and at a ridiculously low price too – :))   I really like this quilt, it’s the only example I have of the scissors motif which appears at the centre and corners -otherwise it’s nothing special or outstanding in any particular aspect, but it is rather appealing, don’t you think?  (Apologies for the unexpected and unavoidable narrow shaft of sunlight on the right of the first picture)

vintage wholecloth quilt

quilt detail - corner

quilt border - detail

quilt detail - midpoint of border

quilt border detail - tulips

DSCN2944 quilt centre

quilt centre - detail

quilt centre - detail

quilt detail - corner infill

quilt detail - knife edge finish

5 thoughts on “Catching up #7 – vintage wholecloth quilt”

  1. Found at the bottom of a pile of old sheets! Alright, don’t rub it in !!
    A lovely example though. If your cupboard is getting rather full, send a couple in this direction! 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen this variation of the scissors-pattern – simple but lovely! Another idea for my future quilts…well, I seem to be very busy for years and years. Thank you for posting! It’s a beautiful quilt.

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