Before I forget

It’s nearly two whole months since my Cairo visit and finally I’ve caught up with enough of the recent vintage quilt acquisitions to show you the pieces of Tentmaker work that came home in the suitcase.  In no particular order here they are – complete with cellophane wrappers in some cases!

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

(If, like me, you are a fan of blue you might want to take a look at Kathleen Tracey’s new “blue” blog – maybe I should send her some of these pics?)

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

These two pieces illustrate quite well the variety of line and interpretation that is ongoing in this tradition – so different and so dramatic!

Tentmaker applique

and version 2 of the same design

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

I have tried several times, without success, to get a good picture of this piece – the depth and warmth of the reds against the navy ground is very striking.  Not much luck either with a detail shot –

Tentmaker applique detail

Tentmaker applique

Tentmaker applique

And here’s my favourite of them all – a small traditional scarab design, the quality of work is amazing.  Perhaps in a future post I’ll return to this one and show some better pictures and close-ups so you can see for yourselves – in the meantime this “in the cellophane” picture will give you an impression of it –

Tentmaker applique scarab

Hope you enjoyed these – if you did, just a reminder that you will be able to see Tentmakers at work (and buy stuff!) at the British Quilt & Stitch Village show this month and, across the Atlantic, at the AQS show in Paducah.


8 thoughts on “Before I forget

  1. Oh WOW and triple WOW to all these. They are fabulous. You ‘rescued’ hahaha so many, good for you. You must have gone with an empty suitcase… Thank you for sharing. I tried to brighten that red one for you…..but I think it looks orangey now… Strange my typing seems to have changed colour too….how oddd….or even odd!!!

    Off to view the ‘BLUE BLOG’ now…..sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing again. jan

  2. You brought ALL these? Wow! They are amazing!
    I love the red and blue one!
    I’ll see you in a couple of weeks, looking forward to the show.

  3. Barbara, I’ve shared my Tentmaker’s quilt with many people. It is a great opportunity to educate people about this art. Thank you!! Btw, love seeing what is in your cupboard!

  4. I was luck yen ought to see these pieces of work today when Barbara came to Nene Quilters…. They are even more amazing when you see them for real. It is almost impossible to choose the one you like the best!!!! If you get a chance to see this collection or to see the tent makers at work, here or in Egypt, the do 🙂
    Cheers Carol in Northampton

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