This week’s work

A busy week with lots of preparation and packing again – British Quilt & Stitch Village show next week, Expo Veldhoven the following week and almost straight into Quilts UK.  I’m going to be demo-ing at all three shows, teaching at Veldhoven so, in anticipation of all this activity, I’ve taken delivery of a new phone to add to my technical armoury!  Lots of staring at screens and sighing as well as the printer churning out worksheets and brochures.  One of my preparation tasks this week was to use my slightly-less-new camera to capture some close-up stitching on a couple of samples.  The results were ok on the first sample –

quilting detail

quilting detail

quilting in progress

but things got more complicated with the second sample, worked on a yummy dark magenta Oakshott.  Easy enough to get the stitching, but true colour proved impossible, so the pictures show pink rather than rich depth as you can see from these three attempts

quilting detail

flat shot

quilting detail

Another task on the same list was to stock up the bags of cut pieces for the Antique Rose Star project that has been quietly growing a few more blocks – the tally so far is 12, which takes me to roughly half way.  I did remember to take a quick picture of the blocks before they went back into the Secret Drawer in the kitchen dresser –

Antique Rose Star blocks

Antique Rose Star detail

Further down the list was a note to try and move this block along a bit further –

Stone Star block

and at the very top of the list, written in capital letters, was a reminder to collect my NEW PATTERN BOOKS  from the printers.  I’ll have these with me at the Veldhoven show and also Quilts UK, I may even manage to get them up onto the website ….

new pattern books

new pattern books

Have a good weekend – I’ve got more things to cross off the list.

16 thoughts on “This week’s work”

  1. Enjoy your time at the shows, Barbara! I wish I could be there and I hope we will meet one day. Your new books look really tempting! All the best.

  2. Love your quilting! The oakshott might not be colour perfect but the quilting certainly is perfect….sigh. Some lovely blocks too – looking great together.Congratulations on the new patterns – very nice peek there 🙂

  3. Have only been following your blog for a short while, but will be interested to see if I can catch up with you some time in June. Will be visiting the beautiful British Isles for the whole month, would you post some dates of where you will be please??

  4. Hi Barbara Love your posts and especially these samples. What size needle do you use to quilt? However hard I try I can’t get my quilting stitches this small. Enjoy your travels and maybe we’ll catch up again soon. Regards Kate Crombie Penryn Cornwall

    In case the name doesn’t register you and Chris stayed with me when you came down to tutor our Cornwall SWQ group some years ago.

  5. Hi Barbara – the new pattern books look great – I look forward to buying them from the website soon. Hope the shows go well

  6. Hi Barbara – the new pattern books look great – I look forward to buying them soon – I will keep an eye out for them on your website. Hope the shows go well

  7. Love the antique rose stars! They are addictive, so glad you introduced me to them. And the books look great too– good luck at those shows.

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