More close up stuff

There’s a small lull in the packing proceedings for my Veldhoven trip so I’ve  quickly taken a few more close-ups of three more quilts as they came out of The Cupboard.  Again, no agenda with regard to stitch quality or size, just interesting (I hope) glimpses of the work of anonymous hands.

First up is the Hawick Hearts quilt which I showed here quite some time ago after it had been laundered.  The top and back fabrics are a medium weight cotton twill, medium thickness cotton batting.  Date – somewhere between 1900 and 1940, rescued from the back of a van being used as a wrapper for antique furniture.

Hawick Hearts detail

Hawick Hearts motif

The next close-ups are of a quilt I was given by Shiela Betterton, well-known for her work at The American Museum in Bath.  This was one of Shiela’s family quilts, the top and back fabric are heavy cotton sateen, a similarly heavy cotton batting.  I always find it interesting to note how the stitches are almost completely obscured by the texture of the heavy batting after a lifetime of use – they’re only just visible.

Shiela's quilt detail

feather detail Shiela's quilt

detail Shiela's quilt

cable detail Shiela's quilt

cable corner Shiela's quilt

machine finish Shiela's quilt

As you can see from the “blurrier- than-intended” picture above, the machine stitched edge on this quilt is very emphatic!

The third quilt is one of my favourites, one I use frequently in class (and travelling to Veldhoven with me).  Welsh, 1930’s, bought from Jen Jones in 1994, medium weight cotton sateen front and back, carded wool batting, stitched with green thread, folded bias-cut frill inserted in edge.

1930's Welsh quilt detail

1930's Welsh quilt detail

1930's Welsh quilt detail


1930s Welsh quilt detail


Just to mix up time periods here are some close ups of samples of my quilting (which are also going to Veldhoven!).  It’s probably appropriate to record that I’m a big fan of making things easy for myself  and I usually choose a lightweight cotton for the top and back (Oakshott is a huge favourite) and Hobbs Polydown, Thermore, Legacy Wool battings.

hand quilting detail


hand quilting detail


hand quilting detail


hand quilting detail


So, off to finish the packing – happy quilting!

10 thoughts on “More close up stuff”

  1. Beautiful stitching Barbara but I am always amazed by the lovely stitching on the Welsh quilts through such heavy battings and often blankets. Before arthritis stopped me hand quilting my favourite battings were Thermore or Matilda’s Own Wool/Polyester mix.

  2. THANK YOU, Barbara, for teaching me the essentials of exquisite hand quilting in a most delightful way. I so enjoyed your class yesterday, and went away absolutely inspired.
    Susanna-with-the-pearls…….. 😀

  3. It was so nice to meet you again today, after a year! Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands. Your quilting looks *great*, I still have a lot to learn (this year I wasn’t able to attend your workshop, perhaps next time?) And say hi to Stuart from the Sewing Bee when you see him 🙂

  4. Absolutely stunning, I do admire the hand quilters work even though I now do machine quilting only, I can appreciate the time it takes. Just stunning all of them. Enjoy your trip.

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