Vintage wholecloth –

More rummaging in The Cupboard this week, ostensibly to extract the main stack of  Tentmaker pieces to take to Stirling this weekend, so I thought I would quickly take pictures of 2 more vintage quilts while there was space to manouevre – things are getting quite cramped in there!  The first quilt I brought out is my very first purchase from Jen Jones way back in the mid-1980s, so it’s been in and out of  The Cupboard many times and is often overlooked in favour of newer acquisitions.  Small and square this is quite typically Welsh with the simple shapes, spirals, circle medallion at the centre, wool wadding/batting.  Front and back fabrics are a furnishing weight twill weave.  Lots of bearding and pilling of the wool wadding too!

Welsh quilt centre

Welsh quilt detail

Welsh quilt detail reverse

Welsh quilt detail, scissors

Welsh quilt detail, infill

Welsh quilt, detail, centre

Welsh quilt, centre reverse

The second quilt is heavily worn and really beyond practical use, but is a great example of the simplicity and scale used in many wholecloth quilts in the early 20th century.  A deep border, a reversed running feather down the centre and some traditional rose motifs alongside – it all looks good.

yellow wholecloth detail

yellow wholecloth quilt detail

yellow wholecloth quilt, scale

yellow wholecloth quilt, worn edge DSCN4012

yellow wholecloth quilt, worn edge

yellow wholecloth quilt

As always, I’m way behind on blogreading and commenting, but I did just want to welcome all new followers – thanks for joining in!

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