Class catch up

Still trying to keep up with the diary and not always succeeding. At the end of this week I’m doing a talk and class for South West Quilters – Quilt down the Nile and Tentmaker applique, plus an informal get together/class based on the Whigs Defeat block for Shirley of Stitcherydo blog fame. Before the inevitable packing begins here’s a selection of happy class and working hands shots taken during my recent trips to Busy Bees, The Bramble Patch, and the grand Stirling QGBI weekend retreat. I’m always intrigued by the many subtle differences in individual hands working towards that rock and roll quilting action – it’s a whole new skill set for most students.

















A little bit of inspiration spotted in a magazine ad. – definitely food for thought here


…. and yet another helpful gadget to improve stitching productivity (first spotted in the Stirling class and much coveted) has arrived.


Lightweight, rechargeable and compact size – what a winner! this will definitely be in my carryalong sewing for the rest of this year. The pics above perhaps are not too helpful – it’s a fold-up LED craft lamp, not as bright as my favourite Ottlite but much less weight and space.  And, in response to many requests already – this link should help you locate your very own!

7 thoughts on “Class catch up”

  1. looks like the class is loving hand quilting! YEAH!
    is that a light? who makes it I think I need one of those.
    lately seems like I need more light pointed at any hand work….

  2. Barbara, thank you for a great class at Stirling with lots of fun, good sense and encouragement.
    Duster finished and moving on to the big yellow quilt.

    Lamp is supplied by RNIB direct or via Amazon. Great for quilting and cross stitching.

  3. We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday, strawberries and cream all round. Some lovely stitching going on and the light definitely is a winner. Lots of beautiful antique Rosé star blocks too I see.

  4. Wonderful stuff that Princes School of Traditional Arts and noticeably more blocks around now underneath the light.

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