Summer sewing

Back home after three lovely summery days travelling and talking (I’ve always said this is a really difficult job but someone has to do it!).  First stop was at Nynehead Court near Wellington in Somerset, where the redoubtable Shirley from Stitcherydo meets with like-minded friends for stitching therapy.  As you can see, the surroundings are hugely attractive and everything was at it’s best for our informal class on the Whig’s Defeat block …

Nynehead Court


Nynehead Court, church




hard at work




layout 1layout 2


layout 3







back to work



comfy corner?

An extra treat (along with the strawberries, cream, and similar goodies) was a private showing of the estate church which contains some wonderful old glass and a Jacobean family memorial

recycled stained glass section


stained glass section



family memorial


English summer


Thanks to Shirley and friends for organising such a lovely day – I’m expecting to see pictures of several completed blocks before too long!

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