Further south

On from Nynehead Court to the delights of Exeter for two high temperature days with South West Quilters – most appropriate to be presenting the talk on Tentmaker applique and a class based on Tentmaker applique. ( As a quick aside, those of you who are Facebook people may know that there is a page for the Tentmakers (try The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khaimaya) which will give you the latest news and updates on their current situation. )  Before the talk I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing a finished project from a previous Tentmaker class


a very large Tentmaker piece, commissioned back in the 80s from one of the studios in Cairo

commissioned Tentmaker piece

commissioned work

and a super quilt based on the blocks in my Egyptian Treasure pattern book – (still available via www.barbarachainey.com)

the maker

quilt section

quilt section

I think everyone who teaches and/or designs will say the same – it’s a unique thrill to see finished work that is based on your ideas and patterns, and seeing these pieces was a real highlight of the day for me.

The class on Sunday was held in one of the most perfect village halls – exactly the right size for the number of students, with windows and doors open to the equally perfect weather.  Everyone was most industrious and soon had the design marked onto the background fabric ready to begin placing the bias tape and building up the lotus flowers point by point.

part of the class

bias in placeDSCN4142bias and points

stitching in placestitching in placepreview

setting out the work

There were some seriously covetable hand-dyed fabrics in the room – here’s just one set –

selection of hand dyes

Here’s a tiny section of one of my class samples –

section of sample

and a reference picture of the full-size, real thing covering a space on the street in Cairo. A timely reminder of the original scale of these amazing textiles –

Tentmaker hanging in Cairo

Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers who made the weekend such a success – hope it’s not too long before we meet again.

4 thoughts on “Further south”

  1. some wonderful work going on here and to see finished stuff from your ideas/inspiration that’s special. Drooling over that stack of hand dyes too!

  2. Such concentration on the ladies faces, beautiful hand work being done. You must feel so proud to see your work being done by others. Keep it up, lots for you to come up with yet I feel.

  3. Thanks Barbara for mentioning ‘The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah’ we can be found at http://www.tentmakersofcairo.com which is a bit easier to explain. You have been doing some pretty interesting stuff and great to see the older piece as well. We hope you are keeping busy.


    Kim Beamish
    The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah (The Film)

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