Stitching and stencils

Adrift in the warmth and haze of a real English summer, it’s almost time to head out for our holidays.  This, as you will understand, calls for much planning and gathering of suitable projects to take along so that maximum use is made of the time.  So far I can only count 5 project bags, but maybe a few more will get added in before departure – or maybe I’ll just take more drawing stuff, and there’s always that neat little notebook app (Penultimate) if everything else fails…..  One of the bags contains the last 3 blocks (I think) for the Antique Rose Star project which should finish at a mere 23 blocks if I can bring myself to stop making them –

Antique Rose Star blocks

I can’t decide whether to take any hand quilting projects this time, or limit myself to just piecing.  There are three designs that are almost finished, this is the most recent, which you saw as lines and mirrors in an earlier post –

quilting detail

almost finished

and the two earlier ones that need a few more stitches –

design 1

design 2

A really good pre-holiday boost came with the arrival of a sample set of  new stencils of my designs from Quilting Creations – these will be great to refer to in the Tentmaker Applique class and will hopefully meet some of the many requests for this style of design in stencil format.

stencil sample

stencil sample


stencil sample

The stencils have been developed from my Egyptian Treasure pattern book, and should make marking for a quilt like this an absolute breeze

quilt detail

Which gives me an idea of something to put in even more project bags for the holiday – maybe a little applique, or some shadow quilting too?!

5 thoughts on “Stitching and stencils”

  1. I have been looking for this pattern for ever, thanks for showing it on your site. Your hand quilting gives me hope that I can be that good one day. Enjoy your holiday.
    Jo Ann

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Your Antique Rose Star blocks look great! They will make a wonderful quilt!!!
    And I love your (tentmakers) quilting stencils! Will you come to Veldhoven again this autumn? And will you bring your stencils? Please?

    The Netherlands

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