Stitching and thinking …

Small progress on a number of fronts, and lots of ideas gained from sitting, reading blogs and daydreaming. First, the progress – all the main design lines are now quilted on this sample –


Now I need to decide on the centre texture, which will probably be a 1/2inch grid. As you can see from this detail the double lines are differently spaced on the inside and outside of the design –

One of the reasons for this difference was dictated by the design itself. Initially I had planned on a generous 1/4 inch spacing for both lines, and went ahead and marked reference spots, joined them up and got started. After just one quarter was done, the outer line was just too far away and was distracting, so out it came to be replaced by something a little closer.

Similar concerns over spacing, but this time between stitches, not stitched lines, with this little sample from one of my new Egyptian stencils.

Just running stitch through one layer of cloth, a long needle and Tudor Twist hand-dyed rayon thread and finished in a couple of hours – almost instant gratification! You may be able to see that I decided to omit some lines from the full design – just because I could!

Two more Antique Rose star blocks are complete, a third block only needs 5 seams to finish it. No pictures this time because you’re probably more than familiar by now with what the block looks like, but instead here’s what I can see every time I look up from my stitching –


A lot of food for thought and inspiration on all sorts of things this week from selected blogreading. Still haven’t got totally to grips with the WordPress app for the magic gadget, so no text links here but you’ll find them on the sidebar over on the right – Tim Latimer, Feathered Fibers, I Sew Quilts, The Quilt Rat, Feather on a Wire. You’ll find inspiration for gardens, quilts, studio setups, quilting, design and much more from all of them, do hop over and take a look if you’re not already famiiar with them.

And one or two interesting lines spotted while strolling around –





Back to stitching and daydreaming!

4 thoughts on “Stitching and thinking …”

  1. Stitchery is great, like the different echo widths. Blue sky and flowering plants what more could you want- well maybe a G&T? And that window grill is to die for.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for the shout out! Love your design and what you are planning, can’t wait to see it finished! Btw, that white metal art in the window is incredible! I can see a very cool wholecloth in my head with that design-stitched and painted!

    Hugs, Carla Barrett (Feathered Fibers Blog)

  3. Inspirational photos. It seems a very long time ago that I did your class at FOQ using the running stitch, but I’m still using the cushion at workshops!

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