Getting ready to sell …

The annual jamboree of Festival of Quilts is almost upon us!  As in previous years I’ll be in the Quilting in Action area of the show and looking forward to four days of general quilt excitement.  It’s always hard to know what to take and what to show so this year I’ve decided to focus on the (almost) new Little Treasures pattern books –

pattern books

and I’m going to display some of my stitched pattern samples from previous years and hope to sell them –



If I can get sufficiently organised I’ll take a couple of vintage quilts to sell too.  It’s time to clear some space in The Cupboard and also on the sample shelf!  After Festival, I’ll probably list some quilts for sale here so, if vintage is your thing, be sure to check back.  One of the quilts on the “to go” list is this one, which you may remember from earlier posts this year –

Tumbling Blocks quilt

and this is another –

30s stars

30s stars

One or two of these also –

quilts - assorted

Off to finish up the current sample before it’s time to pack and return to middle England.  Happy quilting!

7 thoughts on “Getting ready to sell …”

  1. Have a safe journey home and enjoy the time at the FoQ! I wish I could come over to say hello to you and my quilt somewhere in the exhibition.

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