Four days of quilts

… and not many pictures of quilts! On setup day the car park was full of non-quilters –

Having duly set up my space the short journey home, usually 45 minutes, took more than 5 hours and looked like this

And after that slow start, everything went really quickly for the four days of the show – lots of meetings, catching up, lots of visitors and very little time to scoot around and take pictures. The Quilting in Action section was in the customary good spot – within sight of coffee stops and the loos, both vital facilities if you are working solo! Opposite me was Janice Gunner

next door Pauline Barnes

at the end of the row ZigZags -well done Anne on your Judges Choice! –

Lynne Edwards’ exhibition looked terrific and Lynne herself was sometimes visible through the crowds

Kay Bell and Linzi Upton garnered a whole slew of awards for their work and were spotted taking a relaxed attitude at the end of a long day

One of the quilts I did make a point of finding was Andrea Stracke’s “Citrine” – stunning work as always, and much admired. With the often dubious lighting in the show hall, it was easier to take close up sections rather than the full quilt –


That Antique Rose Star project has had an impact too. I always knew I was not the only one, and certainly not the first, to find it almost perfect for carry-around stitching. This lovely example arrived

as evidence (!) that it has served that purpose for quite a few others too.
The sales part of the show went quite well and I’m hoping to show one or two items here in the next post. The Cupboard has been completely emptied and a whole stack of quilts and samples piled up before returning fewer quilts and samples back to safety. Now I need to measure everything, take pictures, write descriptions etc. I may even find a few Tentmaker pieces to add to the “sell” stack….
Here’s the stack awaiting attention

and a quick glimpse of the new Tentmaker piece that somehow came home with me

So, a successful, busy show packed away – time to start measuring and making lists again.

4 thoughts on “Four days of quilts”

  1. Great to hear that you had a successful time at FoQ. The Tentmaker piece looks awesome. And thank you for the great close ups of my quilt! Happy Quilting, Andrea

  2. I saw the seagulls too, what on earth were they thinking?? Your journey home sounds like my journey to the NEC last year, so frustrating as there is nothing that you can do except sit there and wait. I missed Andrea’s quilt as I didn’t do the traditional this year but I also missed the tentmakers – where were they??

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