Quilting interlude

August 23, 2013

It must be the summer silly season – I’m trying to get “for sale” quilts and samples photographed and measured (almost at the bottom of the stack now) and, at the same time, fending off the urge to clear shelves, wardrobes, empty out drawers and launder curtains, cushions and rugs. Amidst all this I managed to lose my phone, which proved more traumatic (and expensive) than I could have imagined. So now I ‘m planning a couple of days featuring none of the above, just finishing up an Oakshott strippy sample begun two years ago (or was it three?) The fabrics are from their first Jet range, and the intention was to illustrate strippy style using simple cable variations from a single template. Interesting to try and photograph and do justice to the richness of colour, as you can see from the following –




I had fun using my favourite Penultimate app to work out where I was going to start adding extra lines of quilting

– I hope to work on these lines today while the washing machine chugs away in the background and I await delivery of the new phone. I’ve also used the same app to make some on-the-spot, rough diagrams of one of the quilts in The Cupboard –



And a little eye candy from Festival of Quilts – terrific choice of thread and great stitching – well done Kath!



7 Responses to “Quilting interlude”

  1. Maggi Says:

    Love the colours of the Oakshott strippy. The weather certainly does seem to lend itself to being busy in all sorts of ways.

  2. I should be cleaning an tidying ready for my visitors but the IPad winked at me. Hope the new gadget arrives quickly to save you from having to clean the whole house top to bottom. Great stitching from you and from Kath.

  3. Am always so envious of your standard of quilting,,,I will get there, I will get there!!!

  4. irene vernon Says:

    Oh Barbara, I just adore the strippy – would love to make one also the colours you chose, my how they blend with each other. Something we all could do without when losing something soo important. I went to FOQ on the opening day, really enjoyed it

  5. Julie Says:

    I love the Oakshott strippy too, I adore their fabrics and colours. Oh yes, and I’m in awe of Kath’s quilting! Hope your new phone arrived.

  6. Andrea Says:

    I really love strippy quilts – simple sewing and a lot of options to “play” with quilting designs without the necessity of turning patterns around corners! Kath’s quilt is beautiful – it looks like a design by Sandy Lush, “Seren Bach”…am I right? I general I don’t like varigated threads so much, but this was a perfect choice. Lovely:)

  7. Sue Watters Says:

    Barbara, couldn’t find your email. Can you email me and I will send a close up photo of the block we were talking about today.

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