An enjoyable (as always) trip to Denman College teaching “Essentials of Hand Quilting“.  Wonderful weather (maybe the last of the summer?) and great students made the whole thing as easy as it could be.  This class is always an interesting one to teach at Denman because there is the luxury of more than one day to cover the essentials plus some background.  I promised to post pictures of some of the work under way so here are just a few – DSCN4524     DSCN4519   DSCN4525   DSCN4526   DSCN4521   and on the final morning – September class I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your completed class projects ladies!! Now that everything is put away from this trip I can perhaps make myself concentrate on working behind the scenes on my website and that stack of “for sale” quilts and samples.  Here’s a few close-ups from the sample section (mostly 12 – 16inch blocks) – sample 1   sample 2 sample 3   sample 4   sample 5

All of the “worked on black” samples have proved difficult to capture accurately – still working on this problem!  The black background really sets off the coloured perle threads but the depth and vibrancy is very elusive.    Onwards!!

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  1. Lovely work from your students, and from you too of course. Have you tried taking a photograph of the black without including the border – it may work as it then has less contrasts to deal with.

  2. Hi Barbara: I admire your hand-quilting and wish I lived closer so I could take a class. Do you hand-quilt in a hoop or a frame? I quilt in a hoop, but I want to learn to quilt in a frame. I love your blog, it is very inspiring!

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