Start again

Trying to get back to posting – it seems to be a winter affliction and I know it’s been months.  So a quick catch-up, starting with “stuff seen in magazines” –





A quick glimpse of some Antique Rose Star blocks which have been shared by their makers – (mine are still growing quietly in the Secret Drawer in the kitchen dresser)




I’ve been busy with various other hand piecing projects that seem to have got themselves under way –










Quilting and design projects are fighting their way back onto the worktable, lots of planning but nothing to take fuzzy photos of as yet.  Today I’m tucked away from reality at the annual quilting retreat with lots of creative buzz all around me and ideas forming almost by the minute – a very heady atmosphere!

Welcome to all the new followers, hope everyone enjoys the Quilt Snaps I’ve scheduled for the next few Fridays.

3 thoughts on “Start again”

  1. Great to see you back in print, I have missed you! How would you quilt the diamond shaped hand pieced quilt, I am doing one and I am wondering how I am going to quilt it.i did a hand quilting course with you in busy bees in Newport,it’s so sad as there is simply nothing left of the building and Sue doesn’t know what will happen in the future.happy new year binkie

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