5 thoughts on “Quilt snap 33”

  1. Hello,
    I came across your May blogpost that featured your Whigs Defeat Pattern. Do you have that quilt pattern for sale?
    I am desperately looking for this pattern!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Marva
      I don’t have the pattern for Whigs Defeat for sale – I found a free download somewhere on the internet 10 years ago and made my own templates from that. I imagine if you hunted through Pinterest you might find some links for a pattern for this lovely block. Good hunting! best wishes B

  2. I have thoroughly searched Pinterest for months for a pattern.
    If by chance you decide to sell copies of your templates, I’m interested.
    Thank you for the quick response.

    1. I’ve just rummaged through one of my favourite old(ish) pattern books – Patching Things Up by Jan Halgrimson, published 1983, and on P23 is Grandmother’s Engagement Ring which looks to be the same as Whigs Defeat. Trace off templates given but no instruction on construction. Hope this helps. B

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