Quilted texture

Don’t you just love the texture of quilting? These details are from the first quilt I bought from Jen Jones (almost 40 years ago!) – it was a faded treasure back then and I still treasure it today.

The quilting design is easier to “read” on the reverse of the quilt –

Quilt 60inches x 50inches dates to circa 1900, twill weave furnishing weight fabric front and back, wool wadding.


2 thoughts on “Quilted texture”

  1. Love to see you are back showing hand quilting. You are so good at your own hand quilting. Have a good day. Jean  Rayford

  2. Hope you are all keeping well Barbara.
    Love your Welsh whole cloth.
    As you know whole cloths are one of my favourites especially the Welsh quilts.
    Hope you are enjoying quilting on your wonderful frame!
    I am finding it difficult to get time to sew at the moment which sounds crazy.
    Everything seems to be about food.
    Deciding what to cook with the rations, washing up etc LOL.
    Take good care
    Happy Sewing
    All the best
    Pat and Roger XX

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