Old friend

Such a thrill to be back in contact with so many quilting friends – thank you for all your kind comments.  Having decided to try and make the most of enforced time at home (aka The Rural Office if you follow the chrisandbarbaraquilts blog) and set up my traditional quilt frame I can now report that the project is going well –

This quilt is 4blocks x 3 and I reckon I’m nearly halfway on the first pass.  The plan is to quilt as much as possible with the quilt set lengthways on the frame and then take it off and reset it so that it is widthways on the frame and quilt the remaining lines.  This strategy should mean that all the basic outlining stitching is done and I will then think about what other quilting I want to add.  Pretty much the same strategy as I advocated all those years ago in “Quilt It!” (Martingale /David & Charles, 1999).

I’m really enjoying “time at the frame” again.  This frame is very special to me for all sorts of reasons (see earlier post) and is a complete pleasure to use.  In addition to being set up at home the frame has travelled many miles and been used to demonstrate hand quilting at all the early UK quilt shows – very much an old friend.

Here’s to friends of all types and all ages!


6 thoughts on “Old friend”

  1. I’m with you on quilting I started a new project 4 weeks ago and I am sure that quilting and gardening is getting me through this horrendous time. Stay safe dear friend
    Maggie Palmer xx

  2. Hi Barbara,
    It’s a joy to find Quilting news from you in my mail box!
    I’m making a traditional ‘Grandmother’s garden’ patchwork quilt so a lot of hand sewing at the moment. The sweet anticipation of hand quilting keeps me going. On this particular piece it will be straight forward lines following the pieces.
    I would love to learn more about your quilting frame. Did you say it was made especially for you? So far I have been using a traditional Loop but have always loved the idea of something on a bigger scale.

    Happy Quilting,
    Helene (Sheringham, Norfolk)

  3. So glad to see you back on the blog! Am interested in watching the changes on your quilt on the frame 😍

  4. Hi Barbara!!

    It’s great to receive your emails – thank you so much for keeping the quilting community smiling in these surreal times.

    Of course, just seeing your name in my inbox makes me smile! I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop you gave at Minerva in Llanidloes, and, having shown us how to quilt, your ‘ use a method that suits you’ approach to quilting was incredibly liberating. Previously I’d always imagined the infamous Quilting Police looking over my shoulder. The day after your workshop I found myself sitting in the sunshine my garden, quilting very happily with a great big smile on my face. Since your class I always smile when quilting!!

    My quilting will never win medals, but does give me the huge satisfaction and the greatest pleasure. I can’t thank you enough for that liberating workshop and the gift of joyful quilting!!

    Keep yourself safe and healthy!!
    Heather Price

    Sent from Outlook


  5. Here! Here! When lockdown is over it would be lovely to see you again. The quilt is looking great . x

  6. Hello Barbara
    I hope you and all your family are keeping well.
    Its great to see what you are working on!
    I love the colours of your quilt.
    I did buy your quilting book and it is so useful.
    I have your other books too and have recommended them too on occasion of course.
    There are not many books about quilting designs.
    Unfortunately I am not getting much time to sew which sounds crazy.
    Hopefully that might change as time goes on.
    I sew wish I had a sewing room lol.
    I noticed Jen Jones exhibition has been cancelled and will be next year now.
    Its understandable there much be so much work involved in something like that.
    Do take care of yourselves
    Look forward to seeing more of your work
    All the best
    From Pat and Roger xx

    Sent from Outlook

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