Bits of quilting

Good progress on the quilt in the frame this week, full update with pics next week.   There’s been plenty of quiet stitching time to think about how to make the best of things in a socially distanced world – videos, YouTube, Zoom, Skype for meeting and perhaps short teaching and sharing sessions are moving to the top of the Must Do list.  Memo to self – just get started!!

Alongside all this stitching and thinking I’ve been trying to tidy and re-organise my sewing room here at the Rural Office.  Not quite so much progress on this task but there are glimmers of hope!  Class samples have been sorted and stacked ready to be filed away, I just need to find space for them in The Cupboard.  I took a few random pics whilst sorting and stacking –  very simple quilted texture, simple lines – just to remind myself how much even basic quilting can add to a piece and how inviting the texture can be.  See what you think – first a quick reminder of The Cupboard and it’s contents –

Last year in classes there was a lot of discussion about Baptist Fan quilting and it was helpful to have a teeny sample to hand –

Simple crosshatching or grid quilting is never going to be the most original or daring choice but it always delivers great texture.

Black on black quilting from the mid-1980s – still a favourite and such a rich texture from this traditional cable pattern

Dark blue thread on pale and mid blue fabric – using a thread darker than the fabric is a great way to maximise quilted texture.

Keeping it simple when quilting small scale patchwork – above you can see that each diamond has been outlined and has a single line bisecting it.

And in a league of it’s own – quilted texture from the hand of Amy Emms MBE, no words needed.

Happy stitching!

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