On the frame

An update on the activity at the quilting frame and a bit of background info on the whys and wherefores.

I first set the quilt on the frame lengthways and did as much basic outline quilting as I comfortably could.  This was what I refer to as the first pass.  Quilting patchwork is nowhere near as straightforward as working wholecloth!  Seam allowances to deal with and all that good stuff.  But you knew that …..

Second pass comes after taking the quilt off the frame and putting it back on widthways (longer lengths of tape required at either side) and then continuing to complete the outline quilting.

Pass One, row 1

Pass One row 2

Pass One row 3


Off the frame ready to turn to widthways

Pass Two row 1

I still have no idea what, if anything, I will quilt in the sashings and borders but there is plenty of time to think about that.  The lovely thing about having a quilt set up on a frame (and the necessary space) is that you can just go and sit and put in a few stitches when you can.  I’m doing a minimum of 45 minutes each day and making good progress so far.


5 thoughts on “On the frame”

  1. Looking beautiful, Barbara! I’m back doing hand quilting on a double wedding ring thing for across the bottom of my bed, and at the present slow pace of life, I’m loving it!
    Keep safe, best wishes

  2. Is it a two man job to get it onto the frame or do you do it single handed. It is looking great.

    1. Apologies for tardy response -totally consumed with technology new and old at the moment! I had the frame made to the brief that it could be assembled single-handed and took the view that the same would apply to putting a quilt in the frame. No problems. Although I would say that 8ft rails are less manageable when setting up than I imagine 6ft rails would be. And it’s helpful to have centre marked on both front and back rails ….. x

  3. I have a frame. I just have no where to put it up. I should. I never thought of turning it through 90 degrees. I thought I would have to quilt vertically on those seams. Thank you x Stay safe.

    1. For the longest time I had this frame set up with just a lightweight ply board over it to make it useable as a large table for dumping class stuff etc. and that worked very well. Now that we have the house to ourselves I have stolen space in a spare bedroom for the frame and so far that’s working well too. Can’t claim credit for the 2pass system but that’s something else that’s working well!!

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