Fancy stuff

Update on the quilt in the frame – all outline quilting done and now awaiting final decision on quilting for the sashings and borders.

So while I’m cogitating on this and drawing interesting chalk lines to help the creative decisions I thought you might enjoy some quilted texture from one of the quilts in The Cupboard.

This small wholecloth quilt (47inches x 37inches) was acquired from a general textiles dealer 15years ago, no provenance, no information – as is so often the case.

I just loved the simplicity of it – simple strippy patterns filling the space and a cable border that didn’t turn at the corners, cheap satin front and back, carded wool batting and a stuffed knife-edge finish.  Very showy courtesy of the shine of the satin adding to the loft of the wool batting.


Now back to the frame!

2 thoughts on “Fancy stuff”

  1. Well done on the quilting and I expect that little quilt feels lovely to run your hands over.

  2. What a lovely quilt and nice to see someone else (besides me) that didn’t turn the corner with the cable quilting! I look forward to seeing how you get on with the patchwork quilt. I have just finished a small bear paw pattern wall hanging and I have to say I didn’t enjoy quilting it…too many seams! I’m glad to get back to quilting another wholecloth quilt!!

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