Old favourite

No quilting this week – which feels odd.  Only excuse I can come up with is I’ve been busy finding my way around various online platforms and seeing how they could work for virtual classes (hand quilting and hand piecing maybe?), helping quilting friends on the same quest, making masks requested by family, and keeping up with students with their current handpiecing project.  Over on the chrisandbarbaraquilts side of things there’s a LOT going on behind the scenes – and, before you know it, another week has gone by!

So, a week with no quilting makes an excuse for showing you one of my favourite not-quilted vintage pieces from The Cupboard.  Foundation pieced Log Cabin blocks which measure 4inches approx, cotton velvet centre squares/rectangles mostly brown in colour, wide range of types and weights of fabrics from shirtings to sheeting,  equally wide range of fabrics for the foundations, blocks stitched together with overcasting stitch (as for EPP).  Rescued from a builders skip and gifted to me after a dark green velvet border had been carefully removed by the keen-eyed quilter who rescued it.

Now I really do have to make some decisions about borders on the quilt on the frame and move that project along…… happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Old favourite”

  1. Love this quilt and still remember with fondness rummaging through that cupboard! Hope you are both well. Lee

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