Keep going

More steady progress on the quilt in the frame this week, currently two thirds of the way through the second pass putting regular but squiggly lines in all the sashing strips and zigzags and squares on point in the borders.  That said it’s progress that is difficult to see –

– still so much space unaccounted for!  I’ve decided that this second pass will need to be followed by a third where the open spaces in all the blocks will get some quilting attention.  You could call this procrastination, or even fear of finishing, but I really feel that this organic approach serves me better than deciding and marking everything before I start quilting.  So, with each complete pass requiring 10 – 12 hours actual stitching time I’m hoping to be ready to start the third pass next week.  I’m also finding that just an hour a day at the frame is working well, enough to see a result from each sitting.

Instead of delving into The Cupboard this week I needed to do a deep search of my stash and projects crates.  And, as is so often the way, various fabrics and projects that were not on the search list just demanded to see the light of day again.  Here’s one piece that was folded away in the lower levels of Projects Crate #1 –

The vintage Feathered Star block was purchased from Mary Koval at Houston International Quilt Festival a number of years ago.  I added the narrow green and wider red border before good reproduction fabrics were available to us.   If you are a fan of original green prints here’s a closer look

You can probably guess that the original intention was to finish and quilt the block, and we all know what happens to so many good intentions  . . !  So it’s a goal for the coming week to find appropriate batting and backing  and move this on to the next stage.

Happy stitching!



2 thoughts on “Keep going”

  1. Good luck Barbara . My mantra is the quilt never worked on never gets finished. Need to say it a lot. Love the feathered star.

  2. I think we’re all in the same boat…. more than one project on the go and some get ‘ put away for now’ only to be found months later with a vow to get it finished ! I love all the vintage blocks and quilts you’ve managed to acquire over the years and really appreciate you sharing them with us.

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