Second pass

Almost finished the second pass on the quilt in the frame!

As at today all sashings and borders have been quilted with very simple lines  (Pass 2) and all blocks outline quilted (Pass 1).  And, as you could have predicted, there is probably going to be a Pass 3 where some further simple lines will be stitched into each of the blocks and the sashing junctions resolved.  Every step of making this quilt has been so much fun.  It was originally planned as the focus for a series of hand stitching classes at my local quilt shop and I’m now thinking that it might be the focus for some online classes ….. or a stitchalong………… happy to hear your thoughts/advice on this.

The vintage Feathered Star shown in the previous post now has batting, backing and basting and is ready for quilting – so modest progress on that front.  All  Projects In Progress have been located and examined (this took a while!) and put back in their respective safe places, with some decisions made about priorities.  Vintage black and white blocks have been looked at for the umpteenth time, another set of decisions made for yet another black and white project.  I couldn’t resist recording a few of the fabrics –

Some surfaces may have been cleared and cleaned in my sewing room too so everything is looking good for the week to come.

Happy stitching!

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