On to Pass Three

The quilting schedule has slipped by a couple of sessions so Pass Three is not as far advanced as I had hoped – but it has begun!  I need to have the quilt off the frame and the frame packed away by the end of next month so there’s still plenty of time.  If plans work out it will be a return to quilting at the Overseas Office in August and there’s already a sizeable stack of projects packed up in readiness.   And, in one of those inexplicable fits of organisation and tidiness, I have managed to empty out and sort out the three bags of essential notions that I seem to take everywhere –

Isn’t it amazing how stuff accumulates and increases with the passage of time?  and it’s all essential!

4 thoughts on “On to Pass Three”

  1. May be a silly question, but are you doing the quilting with an electric frame? If so, what brand do you use? Susan in Colorado.

    1. Hand quilting on a traditional wooden quilting frame – much slower, but equally satisfying. If you scroll back you will see some pics of the frame as I was setting it up.

  2. You inspired me to sort out my own notions basket….I found things I hadn’t used for years and items I hadn’t even taken out of their packaging let alone used! Now it’s just full of the ‘essentials’ !
    Going back to your previous post. I think your comment about a stitch along or on line hand quilting classes sounds like a good idea. It’s always interesting to be in touch with other hand quilters.

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