Pass Three again

Not too much stitching to show yet on Pass Three – I’ve changed my mind on “what to quilt where” at least three times since my last post…………. but decisions are finally made and marked.  Phew!

These nesting circle templates have proved immensely useful in my quest to fill corners and junctions in this quilt.  I think they were an early Creative Grids production in the late 1980s and they’ve been very well used since.  If you peer closely at the pic below you can see some circles marked in blue washout pen –

So, plenty to keep me occupied!  Working on a traditional fixed frame will mean that each circle will be stitched in two sections – from 3 o’clock over to 9 o’clock and then back to 3 0’clock and under to 9 o’clock.  Sounds awkward but it’s less twisting and twirling of a large quilt with a handheld frame.

Another gripping bulletin next week! Happy stitching everyone.




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