Off the frame!

Circles completed and the quilt is off the frame!  Edges trimmed, binding chosen, cut and prepped so you can easily guess what is on my agenda this next week –

And, following the binding, there may well be further quilting.  I want to let things rest a while before making that decision but I can already see that while Passes One, Two and Three have arrived at “enough” quilting there is ample scope for more.  Maybe converting the curving lines to a full cable in the sashing, adding more lines in a number of the blocks.  Sometimes it’s easier to see where more quilting is needed by turning the quilt over and looking at the spread of quilting from the back –

Small technical hitch prevents showing more so I’m off to solve the hitch before it becomes a problem.  More next week………..

5 thoughts on “Off the frame!”

  1. It looks fabulous. Would you put it back on the frame f you were to add more quilting or would you use a hoop.

    Love Shirley.

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    1. As we are hoping to head south to the Overseas Office soon any further quilting is likely to be done in clipframe. If we were continuing at the Rural Office I would put it back in the frame. It’s absolutely not my best work but I have enjoyed every stitch so far x

  2. Beautiful quilt and I love the quilting. I’ve learned a lot from watching your progress. I don’t do much hand quilting anymore but I love the finished look of hand quilting much more than machine quilting.

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