Just straight lines

Making the transition to the Overseas Office with a few boxes of quilting supplies, projects and paraphernalia.  I try and keep things as simple as possible with plenty of “just needs quilting” pieces that can be easily picked up and put down again, stitching in my hand rather than on a frame or even with a hoop.  Here’s a glimpse of one of the pieces I finished last year –

I used the “Pass” system that I described for the sampler quilt of previous posts – Pass One was to quilt very close to, or on, each seam.  This made very little visible difference but anchored everything evenly.  Pass Two might have been to quilt 1/4inch inside each shape but it looked too rigid and busy, so I opted to divide each diamond with a straight line from point to point.  This worked well and gave just enough texture without being distracting .   End result = reasonably happy.

In the travel bag for this year is this small piece (30inches x 20inches ) which will probably receive similar treatment, certainly for Pass One –

The hexagon star and triangle blocks are 3inches, and are a mix of two batches of scrap blocks made several years ago and put aside to mature.  Now seems a good time to let the quilting commence!

3 thoughts on “Just straight lines”

  1. Thanks Barbara for sharing your latest photos and comments on your brilliant ‘pass’ system. I was just wondering why in the example you showed you quilted almost on the line on your first pass to anchor it and then briefly considered quilting a quarter inch in ( before doing something different ) rather than simply stitching a quarter inch in to start with? Would this not have anchored it the same or was it simply a particular. ‘look’ you were aiming for ? Happy packing! Julie

    1. Julie, I prefer the look of quilting almost on the seam line rather than 1/4inch in which I feel allows the seam to “rise” and can be distracting. If I’m aiming for a very traditional look with 1/4inch quilting I will first quilt on the line – makes for more quilting but I’m happier with the result. All comes down to personal taste I guess.

      1. Thanks Barbara, that’s an interesting point. I’ve never been much of a fan of 1/4 inch quilting and don’t use it very often as I’m not too keen on how it looks. I’ll have to give your technique a go sometime! Julie

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