It’s that quilt – again!

A quiet week at The Overseas Office, not a lot of stitching but worktables re-adjusted, projects unpacked and put in safe places and lists consulted.  Now that the binding is on I’ve spread the current quilt over an appropriate size bed and tried to come to a decision re the amount of quilting.


At the moment I think there’s just enough quilting but that it really would benefit from more, but perhaps not right now.  I am pleased with how the circle concept has worked so far –

The mindless quilt close to the seams  stitching has begun on the stars and diamond piece –

– quilted on the left, not quilted on the right.  It’s always fun to see the subtle changes that even a small amount of quilting can make.  This is a great size project to just pick up and put down again, so I’m quilting in my hand rather than with a hoop.  Different tension, softer texture and very satisfying.

1 thought on “It’s that quilt – again!”

  1. Hi Barbara thanks for sharing a photo of your “ quilting close to the seam” technique. As you say it’s amazing the difference some subtle quilting can make. Julie

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