Old stitches

It might be a laundry call soon for one of my favourite vintage quilts so I thought I’d share a few pics before rolling up my sleeves –

This is the “best” side, or the side you are meant to see.  Typical of 1930s for the colours of the Roman Sateen fabric, strippy style, well quilted with alternating feather and braid traditional patterns.

The reverse side is, however, another story – literally.  Instead of a pieced backing that is contemporary with the top we find a very well- worn and much-repaired quilt of earlier date.

Sleeves now rolled up and a good drying day in prospect!

2 thoughts on “Old stitches”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    What would you say is the best way to clean and quilt, please? I have a white trapunto quilt, which I’m terrified will get a mark on it.

    1. Hi Lesley-Anne, Not sure that there is a best way, I think it very much depends on the quilt’s age and condition. Way back in the 1980s I had a large capacity toploading washing machine which was perfect – minimum agitation, minimum spin and spread flat to dry. I would be much less confident with today’s frontloading machines but that may just be me. This may be a question for one of the many vintage quilt businesses who are online ….

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