Lines, lines and lines again

Lots of behind-the-scenes activity at the Overseas Office this week.  I’ve been laying quilts out and deciding whether more quilting is needed.  The answer in every case has been “Yes” so now I have to put them in some sort of order of priority and just get to it.  Over on Instagram Jeanna Kimball is hosting another of her 50days of quilting events – one hour of quilting a day for 50 days, posting pictures of progress along the way.  That may be the way to go to move these quilts along before they become classified as vintage in their own right.


This Sampler is really a favourite and at present Pass One is complete, Pass Two is required.  Probably more simple lines outlining, dividing and emphasising spaces.

This smaller Sampler is one regular readers will be all too familiar with!  And I did think this would be enough quilting, but now that it’s laid out on a bed I think it would be much improved by doubling the waving lines into finished single cables, doubling the zigzag border into squares on point and adding further simple dividing land character lines in the blocks.  All of which might take more than the 50 hours I was referring to above.

And in the spirit of Getting Things Done I pulled out this little quilt from the collection of projects which are kept at the Overseas Office –

This is really simple on all counts – simple piecing ready for some simple quilting.  Most likely quilting right next to all the main seams followed by more of those lines across the 4patches.

Happy stitching!

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