Amazing little to show for a busy week – but hours spent in Zoom meetings, Zoom classes, Skype meetings, starting a new website (not yet finished), hours spent on notes, emails, Dropbox, printing, paperwork, archived files and all that other good background stuff.  I’m not sure if it’s the location or the situation or both that is slowing things down -but it seems to take a long time to get anything done!

The quilting on the small scrappy square piece is finished so it has moved over to the “awaiting binding” pile.

I’ve moved on to the next  piece in the “waiting to be quilted” pile – more scrappy squares, more straightforward quilting and slowly reducing the height of the longstanding pile of class samples and other projects.

I’ll be following my usual sequence for quilting – outlines close to the seams first followed by simple divisions of space.  So, nothing to set the world on fire, just little pockets of enjoyable stitching time.

And a quilting close up to close this post – happy stitching!

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