Another Monday

– more planning, scribbling lists and going through the project piles trying to keep everything moving along.  And more riffling through archived photos for reminders of projects waiting back at the Rural Office.  The more riffling, the more distraction!



There’s a temptation to start something totally new, totally quilted rather than pieced… but no suitable fabrics or batting here at the Overseas Office, so I need to put that temptation aside for now.  On the other hand, I don’t have to use”good” fabric – I could be ultra traditional and just use what I do have here.  Maybe I could use cheap muslin and make another sample for my Quilting Patterns class …

Let’s see where things are next Monday!  Happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Another Monday”

  1. Hi Barbara. Thanks for your latest update from the overseas office, you seem to be awfully busy! I just have a very simple question, if you don’t mind. What kind of wadding do you use? I’m thinking mainly of your wholecloth quilts which always look gorgeous. Thanks Julie

    1. Hi Julie, So sorry to be behind the curve replying to your question – time just whizzes by at the Overseas Office! Re. wadding for quilting – my personal favourites are Hobbs Polydown, Hobbs Thermore, Dream Request and Hobbs Wool. The majority of my vintage quilts have cotton wadding of varying thickness, a minority have wool. Hope this helps.

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