2 thoughts on “IMG_1047”

  1. I love the colors used, especially the center block. Would it be possible to obtain a kit for the center ( or purchase pattern, instructions, tips, and/ or similar fabric)? Back in 2006, I took a class for handquilting at Bramblepatch in Weedon from you. I had struggled to handquilt, but you were wonderful (full of encouragement). Thank you. We moved back to America within a few months. I just came across your blog and look forward to each post.

    1. Hi Lori, I love these colours too! The fabric is one of the early repro lines and no longer available but you should be able to find similar reds, chrome yellows and poison greens fairly easily at quilt shops who focus on repro ranges. The pieced blocks are 8inch Sawtooth Stars and the centre block is one I know as Whigs Defeat. If you scout Pinterest you’ll probably come up with a pattern for it. (I have a Pinterest board for Whigs Defeat if you want to take a look). So far as I know, no-one produces a kit for this block. Happy memories of The Bramble Patch – always one of my favourite quilt shops!

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