Unpicking the past

The Whigs Defeat/Sawtooth Star is almost picked apart ready to rearrange and stitch back together again.  It’s been a slightly tedious process but I’m really glad that I decided to have one more go at getting it right.

Now I need to starch and cut a batch of spacer blocks and fresh sashings.

Almost by accident I found myself reviewing some of the quilting pattern books I produced in years gone by.  Found that most of them still look good, decided that Something Must Be Done.  New plans are forming, all the designs have been re-scaled and re-grouped and it looks quite exciting.  Some of the designs were produced as stencils by Quilting Creations International and are still available.

The date on this was quite a shock- the years have gone VERY quickly!!

And somehow I’ve managed to start yet another small class sample using another of my stencils – this will be low-key, low-contrast stitching.

So it’s on with starching, cutting and stitching – sounds like a good week.  Happy stitching!!

1 thought on “Unpicking the past”

  1. Happy stitching Barbara. Looking forward to seeing Whig’s Defeat again and your quilt patterns. Stay safe.x

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