Make a new plan

So, the start of November and we are eight months into this new reality. The hard decision has been made to stay tucked away at the Overseas Office for a few more months.


Which means no large cupboard stuffed with vintage quilts to play with,

no shelves groaning with quilting books to riffle through, no crates of fabric to empty out and rearrange, no favourite sewing machine, no superfast internet connection.  On the plus side, peace and quiet, warmer temperatures, two crates of “stuff to progress”



two fullsize quilts that require further quilting, three decent sized bags of scraps, one basket of jellyrolls, fat quarters and assorted yardage, a laptop with EQ8 and Zoom loaded, an ok internet connection and a new printer/scanner.

So I’m revising plans and priorities to fit the time and resources available.  You’re probably doing the same.  Let’s make this work!

Happy stitching …




3 thoughts on “Make a new plan”

  1. Sounds like good plan revisions.
    I am working my way thru some long ignored projects, hand piecing and hand quilting, and changing my priorities from speedy quilt making to slow stitching.

  2. Bless you Barbara, I wish I was there with you. My Hubby is still on lock down in the Nursing Home. I am being well looked after by my Daughters BUT I can’t seem to find the push within my inner self to use my time wisely, just looking at the garden, sleeping. Then can’t sleep at night. Useless the next day, & so it goes on. I wonder if there are any of your followers in the same boat. I do look forward to your progress tho. X

  3. Great idea Barbara. You have better weather there. Put yr feet up with a your big bag of ‘stuff’ beside you with all the other ‘stuff’ needed close by. I look forward to seeing what becomes of all that ‘stuff’. Enjoy yourselves Barbara keep well. Pat Parkes .x

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