Little things

Relatively little stitching this past week.  With new plans in place and everything feeling good the stitching/quilting mojo just up and left without leaving a note to explain why.  So lots of work in the garden and the kitchen instead.  Thanks to my class of Intrepid Pioneers who lifted my spirits and cheered me on.  We looked at various six inch blocks, revisited simple four-patches and I did get as far as laying out this block after the class session –

I’m going to offer a regular short Zoom session as a quilting meetup – not a formal class but just to touch base in real time and talk quilts and quilting.  Let me know if this would be of interest to you – I think it could be fun.

Happy stitching!





5 thoughts on “Little things”

  1. Barbara- I was one of the fortunate ones who learned from you around summer of 2013 at Harriet Hargreaves’ shop. I finished a lap quilt you helped me design and it lives on my ottoman.
    I have followed you since, loving your journeys, and have meandered through your list of favorite blog spots. I can hear your voice as I read your words and love the almost comical choices of phrasing.
    I would leap at the chance to join a zoom class/exhibition/whatever. I send you the very best- linda bartolotta

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! I will let you know as soon as my online class plans are ready to go. In the meantime I can add you to the Thursday at Three session if you would like – 9am your time.

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