Or not fast enough?

At the Overseas Office it is slowly beginning to dawn on me that there is a festive season just around the corner.  Time to decide on a holiday season stitching project – my self-imposed rules say that this can be a brand new project (who doesn’t love those?) or it can be one of the many rather old projects that are currently stacked awaiting a return of interest/inclination and focus.  It’s going to be a difficult choice.  Maybe it could be one old, one new?  The sample I’m making for an online class is faintly festive (it has red fabric) and that might be the new project.  The old project might be to pick up one of at least three quilts (also with red fabrics) waiting for more hand quilting.

So, finish this block –

Start to re-assemble this would-be quilt top now that it has been carefully unpicked –

Add more quilting –

Add more quilting –

Add more quilting –

I may just use the “add more quilting” pieces as cheery decoration and then they’ll be instantly to hand when the hand quilting urge strikes.

Happy stitching!

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