Stop and start

Moving into a new year which still looks rather different, still based at the Overseas Office and emptying out those baskets of projects and samples to see what would make a good start to 2021.  Here’s the project which has pushed itself to the top of the priorities – last year it looked like this

and now it’s all together, borders on, backing and batting sorted and ready to be quilted –

This project started as an interpretation of the blocks in one of my vintage quilts.  Over at Meadowside Designs you’ll find a Heritage Quilts section featuring a number of pattern guides written by Chris Franses based on my vintage quilt collection.  I need to get this project finished before it can join the others!

One of my online classes for this coming year might be based on this quilt, ( remake of one in the collection.

Let’s look forward to a year filled with stitching.

1 thought on “Stop and start”

  1. Happy New Year Barbara. I think lots of stitching is the only thing we can safely plan on doing right now.

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