Got started!

Only modest stitching progress this week, but some is better than none! And there has been a lot of background “stuff” that has needed attention – Zoom meetings, Zoom classes, all things quilt and Zoom related, plus lots of Zoom meetings with friends and family, and a LOT of shuffling and sorting through the many and various projects that are awaiting their turn for some attention here at the Overseas Office.  The shuffling and sorting has been necessary as I am still hunting for my mislaid sewjo and it just might be lurking in one of the project bags – it hasn’t come to light yet but I’m hopeful.  So here’s the stitching – outline quilting of the blocks well under way in the first pic and a border going on a sample to turn it into a cushion panel in the second.


Might need to consider a visit to the opticians once we get back to the Rural Office – I really hadn’t noticed that both of these pics are just sufficiently out of focus as to be annoying!  Time to return to a good tasklight and reading glasses…..


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