A lot going on

Still searching for my sewjo but managing very small amounts of progress.  A busy week on Zoom starting today – short class today, quilty meeting with longstanding pals also today, hosting a Very Special private class Tuesday (really excited about this), regular class Thursday (we’re looking at Pineapple blocks) followed by a Thursday at Three meeting.   Here’s a glimpse of my prep for Tuesday –

One of my US quilting pals Barbara Black (https://bbquiltmaker.blogspot.com) graciously offered to lead the class – or did she have her arm twisted? The truth may never be known….. but it’s going to be fun to be one of the students and not the teacher!  Tucked into the class materials that Barbara sent ahead was this gorgeous repro fabric –

Thank you Barbara! I’m now investigating the blues scrap bag here at the Overseas Office and there’s a whiff of another new project in the air.  Maybe the elusive sewjo will soon be knocking at the door.

And there’s a lot of activity behind the scenes at the https://chrisandbarbaraquilts.wordpress.com blog – we have a Tile Tuesday series just started and some mysterious stitching coming next month.  We were really pleased with the block we developed from this fragment of Roman mosaic floor at Fishbourne –

the floor

the block

Check back in next week for another thrilling update!




1 thought on “A lot going on”

  1. Yeah! So glad it finally arrived! Not the pink version but you will do something fabulous with it, I know.

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